A Few Ground Rules

After tossing the idea around for a while, I’ve decided to start a blog dedicated to a geeky and sometimes obsessive past time of mine: changing things around in the sports world.

When leagues realign or when teams rebrand or relocate, it can be good or bad.  At best, it causes a reinvigoration of the sport/team/city.  At worst, it causes heartbroken consternation of the fans.

With that in mind, I like to explore ideas and possibilities for change that heal wounds rather than open new ones.  That cause fanbases to pay attention or manifest in new places; but not the expense of other fans or the sport as a whole.

Of course, plenty of these ideas are just hypotheticals that should be taken lightly.

To remain true to the SPORT CHANGE motto: “Tradition is good.  So is change,” ideas operate based on admittedly arbitrary rules designed to protect tradition.  To me, tradition often means time. So after looking into the history of sports teams in the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball, I’ve imposed the year of 1968 as a cut-off date for relocation and name rebranding.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, but for the most part I’ll hold true.  For other leagues, such as Minor League baseball, I leave things a little more free.

So what teams are fair game?

Search the leagues (MLB, NFL, etc.) listed under “categories” to your right.  There you will find a list of these teams and a touch of subjective analysis.



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