What Constitutes a “Rebrand”?

I’ve been using the term “rebrand” quite a bit on the Sport Change blog, and I suppose I should at least attempt to define the term within this context.   

To me, a rebrand is a new identity.  The “brand” part implies business considerations and I think that plays a significant part in identity, but is not the only consideration.  The primary constituent of a franchise identity is the city or geographic locale that the team calls home.  But does relocation automatically mean rebrand?

If a team gets new uniforms or a new logo, is that a rebrand?  new nickname screams new identity, especially when coupled with new frills such as logos or uniforms.  Though we all observe and form opinions of sports franchise brand elements such as logos and uniforms, this is not precisely what I’m referring to when I use the term “rebrand.”

The rebrand is a combination of these factors and something more: the human element.  The rebrand is a franchise saying, “Hey, I’m new.  Let’s move forward.”

It’s a bit subjective, but I guess that sums up what Sport Change refers to with “rebrand.”

If your thing is sports logos, I highly recommend Chris Creamer’s site

If unforms tickle your fancy, check out Paul Lukas’s Uni-Watch



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