Sport Change Schedule

Here’s what to expect from Sport Change over the next couple of weeks:

After the boys of summer are gone, the gridiron heats up.

August 15th-29th:

With sunny season fading fast, these two weeks will be mostly dedicated to the boys of summer.  I meant baseball, not that Don Henley song.  A stray article about this or that may pop up, but mainly Sport Change will be posting on MLB, MiLB, and the Northwoods League.  Some specific posts I hope to publish related to MLB are: Rays relocation scenarios, exploration of A’s relocation talk, rebranding the Astros, expansion, and realignment.  For the minors, I’d like to hit: realignment scenarios, relocating/rebranding a few teams, brand exploration, creation of a new A-Ball league, and discussion of which franchises should come back.  I’ll also fiddle with the Northwoods league a bit.

August 29th-September 5th:

Football kickoff mania!  A few posts about NCAA football, including a realignment of the ridiculous “legends and leaders” divisions in The Big Ten.  Of course, there will also be ample NFL talk: discussion of realignment and other big picture stuff, plus Los Angeles talk, relocation to other cities, expansion, and maybe a rebranding or two.

As always, stay posted!



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