Territorial Quarterbacks by Alma Mater

This is an afterthought to Sport Change’s recent Territorial Quarterbacks posts.  The only change here is that we’re looking at the colleges attended by NFL quarterbacks and matching them up with NFL teams that play in the same area as the colleges are located.

Caleb Hanie: one of only a few quarterbacks who play for an NFL team right near their alma mater.

I used similar criteria to the previous posts to make the selections, so click here to read about the background for this project.  If you have any questions or complaints, leave them in the comments and you’ll probably get a response.  For now, let’s get right into it:


-Arizona Cardinals.  Starting Quarterback: Nick Foles (Arizona)   Backup: Brock Osweiler (Arizona State)  The Cards are stuck with two rookie quarterbacks in a boom or bust scenario.  Which is the starter?  I chose Foles due to some preseason flourishes with the Eagles this year.

-Atlanta Falcons.  Starting Quarterback: Matthew Stafford (Georgia)  Backups: Cam Newton (Auburn) and Jason Campbell (Auburn)  The SEC belt had ample representation, and having Cam Newton on the bench should speak for that.  Four other quarterbacks would’ve been Falcons, but did not make the cut.

From wearing Georgia on his dome to playing in the Georgia Dome

-Baltimore Ravens.  Starting Quarterback: Shaun Hill (Maryland)  Backup: Pat Devlin (Delaware)  I suppose I could’ve made the choice to keep Joe Flacco on the Ravens, but what fun is that?  Instead let’s see how they fare with career backup and former Terrapin Shaun Hill.  We’ll throw in Pat Devlin, too.

-Buffalo Bills.  Starting Quarterback: Donovan McNabb (Syracuse)  Just like in our previous posts, upstate New York is a barren wasteland for quarterbacks.  A quarterback is plucked off the couch and suited up in the blue and red.  McNabb isn’t that far removed from the NFL, right?

Buffalo has to dig deep to come up with a quarterback.

-Carolina Panthers.  Starting Quarterback: Philip Rivers (NC State)  Backups: Michael Vick (Virginia Tech) and Tyler Thigpen (Coastal Carolina)  The Carolinas are a hotbed for NFL quarterbacks, with Duke, UNC, and NC State remaining competitive year-to-year.  I gave Thigpen the nod over TJ Yates, so TJ joins with three others shipped to the waiver wire.

-Chicago Bears.  Starting Quarterback: Brady Quinn (Notre Dame)  Backups: Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame) and Chandler Harnish (Northern Illinois)  The Bears are stuck with a back of scrubs from Notre Dame and neighboring colleges.

Brady Quinn: grin and Bear it.

-Cincinnati Bengals.  Starting Quarterback: Ben Roethlisberger (Miami of Ohio)  Just like in our last Territorial Quarterbacks project, the pride (shame?) of Lima, Ohio bungles it up.  

-Cleveland Browns.  Starting Quarterback: Bruce Gradkowski (Toledo)  Backup: Terrelle Pryor (OSU)  Yikes.  Even in a fantasy the Browns can’t get a decent quarterback.

-Dallas Cowboys.  Starting Quarterback: Robert Griffin III (Baylor)  Backups: Andy Dalton (Texas Christian) and Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)  The Cowboys weren’t quite as deep as the last project, but they still send three to waivers and retain three current starters.  I think RGIII will be good enough for the starting role on this team.

-Denver Broncos.  Starting Quarterback: Alex Smith (Utah)  Backup: Caleb Hanie (Colorado State)  Hanie is one of the few who currently play for a team near their alma mater.

Tom Brady dons the Honolulu blue

-Detroit Lions.  Starting Quarterback: Tom Brady (Michigan)  Backups: Chad Henne (Michigan)  and Kirk Cousins (MSU)  Michigan schools produce a plethora of quarterbacks, and the Lions send two to waivers.

-Green Bay Packers.  Starting Quarterback: Russell Wilson (Wisconsin)  Backup: Scott Tolzien (Wisconsin)  After the Fail Mary (or the Inaccurate Reception or GoldenGate) you can bet that Packers fans won’t be thrilled to see ex-Badger Wilson at the helm.

Russell Wilson in Green and Gold? Just don’t mention the Fail Mary.

-Houston Texans.  Starting Quarterback: Kevin Kolb (Houston)  Backups: Colt McCoy (Texas) and Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M)  The Texans get saddled with three mediocre signal-callers.  Yee-haw.

-Indianapolis Colts.  Starting Quarterback: Drew Brees (Purdue)  Backups: Tony Romo (Eastern Illinois) and Kyle Orton (Purdue)  The Boilermakers represent significantly for the Colts, and they score pretty good with Brees.  I guess they get that Romo guy, too.

A Boilermaker takes his talents to Indy

-Jacksonville Jaguars.  Starting Quarterback: Tim Tebow (Florida)  Backup: Rex Grossman (Florida) Mediocre Gators stock up the tank in Jacksonville.  I’ll give Tebow the starting nod due to his playoff victories.  And the fact that it would sell enough tickets to avoid blackouts.

-Kansas City Chiefs.  Starting Quarterback: Josh Freeman (Kansas State)  Backups: Ryan Mallett (Arkansas) and Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State)  KC native Josh Freeman takes the starting role for the Chiefs.  I’d give Mallett more upside than Weeden at this point.  Weeden looks like a career backup, and he’s turning 29 this month.

KC’s own Josh Freeman suits up for the Chiefs.

Miami Dolphins.  Starting Quarterback: Rusty Smith (Florida Atlantic)  Yep.  Rusty Smith.  I’ve mentioned before how Florida produces basically no quarterbacks, and that mostly holds true for colleges as well.  Rusty Smith is a clipboard holder on the Titans who happened to go to college in Boca Raton.   He could theoretically take Matt Hasselbeck’s  2nd string job.  Someday.

-Minnesota Vikings.  Starting Quarterback: Ricky Stanzi (Iowa)  Iowa City is actually closer to St. Louis and Chicago, but the Vikings need somebody and the Golden Gophers aren’t going to be producing anybody.  This is similar to the last project wherein Des Moines, Iowa native Kyle Orton went to the Vikings.

Welcome to New England, Matty Ice.

-New England Patriots.  Starting Quarterback: Matt Ryan (Boston College)  Backups: Ryan Fitzpatrick (Harvard) and Matt Hasselbeck (Boston College)  The Patriots get both of the Boston College Matts and Ivy-leaguer Fitzpatrick.  Not bad.

-New Orieans Saints.  Starting Quarterback: Matt Flynn (LSU)  Backups: Luke McCown (Louisiana Tech) and Tarvaris Jackson (Alabama State)  The one-time national champion takes his talents back to the bayou.  McCown and Jackson round out a bench that sends one player to the waiver wire.

Matt Flynn goes back to the bayou.

-New York Giants.  Starting Quarterback: John Skelton (Fordham)  The greater New York area is a barren wasteland of quarterbacks.  The Giants are lucky to land former Forham Ram John Skelton.

-New York Jets.  Starting Quarterback: Dan Orlovsky (UCONN)  We’ll send Orlovsky to the Jets by default.

New York cannot produce a decent quarterback.

-Oakland Raiders.  Starting Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers (Cal)  Backups: Colin Kaepernick (Nevada)  David Carr (Fresno State)  The Raiders luck out once again with Rodgers.  Berkeley is slightly closer to Oakland than Frisco, so Aaron dons silver and black again.  Kaepernick and Carr fill out a bench and one player is sent to waivers.

-Philadelphia Eagles.  Starting Quarterback: Joe Flacco (Delaware)  From Blue Hen to green Eagle. Mr. Joe Flacco.

Byron Leftwich stays where he is, but gets the starting nod.

-Pittsburgh Steelers.  Starting Quarterback: Byron Leftwich (Marshall)  Leftwich is already a clipboard-holder for the Steelers, so let’s just keep him in Pittsburgh.  There is nobody else for them.

-San Diego Chargers.  Starting Quarterback: Carson Palmer (USC)  Backups: Matt Cassel (USC) and Mark Sanchez (USC).  If there were an LA team, this would make more sense.  Two additional players are sent to waivers.

-San Francisco 49ers.  Starting Quarterback: Andrew Luck (Stanford)  Backup: Trent Edwards (Stanford)  Oakland may have Rodgers, but the Niners have all the Luck.

The Niners Luck out, and the Seahawks clean out a Locker for Jake.

-Seattle Seahawks.  Starting Quarterback: Jake Locker (Washington)  Backups: Matt Moore (Oregon State) and Derek Anderson (Oregon State)  Locker locks up the starting job, and Moore/Anderson warm the bench.  Two Kellens (Clemens and Moore) are sent packing.

-St. Louis Rams.  Starting Quarterback: Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)  Backup: Chase Daniel (Missouri)  I guess I’ll give Gabbert the starting nod due his starting experience–no matter how crappy the results have been.

-Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Starting Quarterback: Christian Ponder (Florida State)  Tallahassee is actually closer to Jacksonville, but the Bucs need someone in passer-parched Florida.

Peyton finds himself back in the Volunteer State

-Tennessee Titans.  Starting Quarterback: Peyton Manning (Tennessee)  Backups: Eli Manning (Ole Miss) and Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt)  Hilariously, the Manning boys are back on the same team, despite having played in schools fairly far apart.  Cutler rounds out the best bench in the game.

-Washington Redskins. Starting Quarterback: Matt Schaub (Virginia)  A Cavalier in the Capital.


Lands of Feast

Though not as extreme as the previous (by origin) project, Texas and Southern California were still powerhouses.  The SEC represented significantly, and both Atlanta and Carolina were overstocked. Michigan was surprisingly strong in the Midwest, and Indiana did well also.  Seattle had a surprising amount as well.

Lands of Famine

Florida and New York were very weak, and McNabb had to come out of retirement so that the Bills would have someone.  As expected, there were big patches West of the Mississippi.


Waiver Wire

Oakland Raiders sent McLeod Bethel-Thompson (Sacramento State)

San Diego Chargers sent Matt Leinart (USC) and Ryan Lindley (San Diego State)

Dallas Cowboys sent Graham Harrell (Texas Tech)

Detroit Lions send Charlie Batch (Eastern Michigan) and Drew Stanton (Michigan State)

Carolina Panthers send TJ Yates (UNC), Tyrod Taylor (Virginia Tech), Thaddeus Lewis (Duke), and Dominique Davis (East Carolina)

Atlanta Falcons send Joe Webb (UAB), Charlie Whitehurst (Clemson), and Greg McElroy (Alabama)

New Orleans Saints send Austin Davis (Southern Miss)

Seattle Seahawks send Kellen Clemens (Oregon) and Kellen Moore (Boise State)


Alright.  Wrapped that up.  If you’re a regular follower, thank you for tolerating the big gap with no posts.  The Sport Change site is “realigning” soon, and there are several more projects in the works.  Stay posted.  Thank you for reading.  Please leave comments.

For more NFL posts, click here.



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