Pause for News

Sport Change takes a pause from the Moniker Rankings to weigh in on three news stories that have glimmered on the margins of sports news over the last week.

Not quite….

1.) The New York Islanders announced that they will be moving to Brooklyn in 2015.  They’ll be sharing the Barclays Center with the Nets.  Just like the Nets, they must be in for a rebrand, right?  Answer: a flat no.  They are remaining the New York Islanders.  Sport Change was excited to hear about a sensible move and then very disappointed to hear that no new brand was in order.  So…if they were to rebrand, what would be a good name?  What about Brooklyn Knights?  That has a nice ring to it and a minimalist color scheme similar to the Nets would be effective.  I read some comments on the story once it broke, and my favorite suggestion was the Brooklyn Coney Islanders.  Anyway, great way to blow an opportunity, Islanders.  Maybe they’ll change their mind by 2015.


Bob Kraft reveals that he is, in fact, a jackass.

2.) Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots, spoke at a press conference leading up to the Pats/Rams game in London.  He was joined on the stage by Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and other New England stars.  He took to the opportunity to push Roger Goodell’s agenda of placing an NFL team in London, saying the time is right.  You suck, Kraft.  I’m boycotting Kraft paper.  Apparently Kraft cares not for the integrity of the NFL and completely ignores common sense in the pursuit of hidden dollars.  The structure of teams and divisions in the NFL is by far the best among pro leagues, aside from the one glaring, obvious need: a team (or two) in LA.  A team in London is simply ridiculous.  Kraft went on to imply that the Jaguars were headed to Los Angeles.  So is that Shad Khan’s plan all along?  All his talk about the beauty of Jacksonville was smoke and mirrors.  Are the Texans, Titans, and Colts going to be happy to fly to London every year?  Ridiculous.  London already has Jaguars: they have four wheels.  It’s the National Football League, Bob, not the International Football League. What’s next?  A team in Barcelona?  Berlin?  Tokyo?  I’ve got it!  Let’s call it the World League!


The new Astros logo, freshly leaked.

3.) In lighter news, the new Houston Astros logo was leaked a week early.  It’s a minimal, retro design that hearkens back to the rainbow guts era.  Good for the Astros for pursuing something of a reinvention with the move to the AL.  They really should’ve gone ahead and changed their team name as they originally intended.  But more on that in the next Sport Change post….

….MLB moniker rankings!  Keep half an eye out.



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