Bottom 33 Monikers in the Big Four

Alright.  Now that we’ve talked about the best, it’s time now to unveil the 33 worst pro sports nicknames as selected by Sport Change.  How low can we go?


Let’s flip the moniker rankings upside down.


To view the top-ranked monikers, click here.

For information on what makes a bad pro sports moniker, click here.

If you’re curious about the rationale behind the rank of each individual team, find them on their specific league rankings pages.  Links to external pages:

Moniker Rankings for the NFL

Moniker Rankings for MLB

Moniker Rankings for the NBA

Moniker Rankings for the NHL

What we’re going to do is rank the worst 33 monikers in the Big Four from 90-122, with #122 being the absolute worst moniker in all of the Big Four.  Why 33, you ask?    Read on to find out why.


90.  San Antonio Spurs

91.  Buffalo Bills

92.  New Orleans Saints

93.  Anaheim Ducks

94.  Los Angeles Clippers

95.  Brooklyn Nets

96.  Ottawa Senators

97.  Nashville Predators

98.  Colorado Rockies

99.  Buffalo Sabres

100.  Indiana Pacers

101.  Jacksonville Jaguars

102.  Calgary Flames

103.  Carolina Hurricanes

104.  Washington Wizards

105.  Phoenix Coyotes

106.  Minnesota Twins

107.  Arizona Diamondbacks

108.  Toronto Raptors

109.  Memphis Grizzlies

110.  San Diego Padres

111.  Houston Astros

112.  Miami Heat

113.  Cincinnati Bengals

114.  Colorado Avalanche

115.  Columbus Blue Jackets

116.  Tampa Bay Lightning

117.  Minnesota Wild

118.  New York Islanders

119.  Orlando Magic

120.  Oklahoma City Thunder

121.  Utah Jazz

122.  Washington Redskins


So there you have it–the 33 worst monikers in the Big Four major pro sports.  So why 33?  Because it was a good number to create 11 divisions of 3 teams each.  This is a pointless exercise that Sport Change likes to indulge in.  Here they are:

The Ambiance Division: Wild, Jazz, Magic

The Forces of Nature Division: Thunder, Heat, Flames

The Natural Disaster Division: Avalanche, Lightning, Hurricanes

The Carnivore Division: Jaguars, Coyotes, Predators

The Sub-Species Division: Bengals, Grizzlies, Diamondbacks

The Place Name Division: Rockies, Islanders, Twins

The Inanimate Object Division: Spurs, Nets, Sabres

The Allusions to Movement Division: Pacers, Clippers, Astros

The Moral Authority Division: Senators, Saints, Padres

The Nineties Leftovers Division: Raptors, Wizards, Ducks

The Headscratcher Division: Bills, Blue Jackets, Redskins


Feel free to comment.  If your favorite team wasn’t on this list or the Best Monikers list, then they’re either an historic skater, losing duplicate name, or just a plain old middler.

Many more posts in the hopper!  NCAA will be a new focus, but there will continue to be posts relating to just about any and all leagues.  Stay posted.



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