Hornets, Coyotes, Sasquatch, and other news

Time for another quick check on current events that interest Sport Change.  It’s the early December Newsflash!


His Airness airs some intriguing news.

His Airness airs some intriguing news.

1.) Last week, Michael “Air” Jordan of the Charlotte Bobcats let an intriguing comment slip past his teeth.  When asked if the Bobcats would consider a reversion to the Hornets moniker of old in the event of a New Orleans rebranding, Jordan said more than ‘no comment.’  Here’s an excerpt: “It’s definitely an interest down the road, but right now it’s the New Orleans Hornets,” Jordan told the Charlotte Observer. “We would definitely entertain the opportunity. That’s as much as we can say right now. We’ve heard the community ask the question, and we would listen.”  Aha!  Now that’s music to Sport Change’s ears.  This announcement came fortuitously only one week after a Sport Change post that suggests the same thing.  In fact, the timing of that post led to a significant spike in site hits and page views.  That’s great, because Sport Change is quite proud of that post.  Of course we want to see this taken even further and expanded into a four-way moniker swap that give the Hornets back to Charlotte, the Jazz back to New Orleans, the Raptors to Utah, and the Bobcats to Toronto.  It might happen…..



2.)  In other pro sports moniker news, it was announced that the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes will now be known as the Arizona Coyotes.  Excuse me…I just yawned so loudly it sounded like a coyote yip.  Word is that they are also changing their logo as well, which is kind of a shame considering that their current logo is about as cool as a coyote logo can possibly look.  If you’re wondering, this does nothing to change the team’s status in any of our recent moniker rankings–for the record, Coyotes ranked 105th of 116 unique nicknames in the Big Four.  Ouch.  Considering that the Coyotes have the worst attendance of any NHL team in recent years, it may be fair to assume that this is a last-ditch effort to revitalize a team that is likely destined for relocation.  As painful as relocation can be for fans, I can’t say that I shed any tears over a hockey team leaving the desert.

Coyote ugly?  Actually it's hard to imagine an improvement.

Coyote ugly? Actually it’s hard to imagine a logo improvement.


3.)  In lighter news, three interesting new logo sets for Minor League Baseball teams were unveiled recently.  First up, we have the West Michigan Whitecaps; a single-A Midwest League affiliate of the Detroit Tigers based in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  The Whitecaps are a popular team, in no small part due to the fact that they play in the home state of their parent club.  The Whitecaps came out with a few new logos that reflect their ties to the Tigers, none more memorable than their transformation of their current logo (a wave with eyes) into a wave-tiger.  This is one of the many reasons why Sport Change loves the Minors.

A wave created by a tail-wind.  (ha.)

A wave created by a tail-wind. (ha.)

Next up is the Aberdeen Ironbirds, a popular Maryland-based short-season A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles.  The Ironbirds are owned by Cal and Billy Ripken, and the name Ironbirds is a reference to “Ironman” Cal.  The Ironbirds formerly had a cartoonish logo with Cal’s #8 on the wing.  Their new logo is much more…serious.

Fear the bird.  He's made of iron.

Fear the bird. He’s made of iron.  He’s literally an iron bird.

Finally, we have the Eugene Emeralds.  The Ems (as they’re affectionately known) have always had a nice classy brand with a great minor league moniker.  That said, they’ve never really had a logo to speak of.  Their former logos were simply a letter ‘E’ or ‘Ems’ with some stylistic embellishments.  They always looked good, but were lacking something.  Goofiness reigns supreme in the Northwest League, with the Everett AquaSox and the new Hillsboro Hops leading the charge.  So the Emeralds hired a design company that completely reworked their image; changing colors, fonts, and logos.  Their new logos feature our old cryptozoological friend Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) in a variety of poses wherein he his running while clutching a tree, swinging a tree like a baseball bat, or simply chewing on a tree.  Ah, life is good.

Is he swinging it like a bat or trying to open it like an umbrella?

Is he swinging it like a bat or trying to open it like an umbrella?


Yes, life is good today here at Sport Change.  Good news all around.  Check back or become a follower of the page to stay updated on some of the great new posts in the hopper.  Thanks for reading.  Leave comments as you leave.



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