Early January Newsflash

Every once in a while, Sport Change news builds up to a point where we must take a pause to weigh in on hot topics in the arena of sport change.


The new Dolphins logo?

1.) Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks that the Miami Dolphins will have a new logo for the 2013 season.  There is even an alleged leaked image that has been making the rounds on some of our favorite websites such as uni-watch and sportslogos.net.   Just yesterday, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross tweeted that yes, indeed, there will be a new logo for the Dolphins next year.  What is the Sport Change take?  Noooooooo.  The Miami Dolphins have had the same basic logo since their inception in the AFL in the sixties.  The logo has been tweaked several times over the years, but has held true to the basic model of a cartoonish dolphin jumping in front of the sun whilst wearing an old-style football helmet.  That’s really about as good as you can get with a dolphin logo.  If the image that’s been making the rounds is truly the new logo, it’s a big step backward.  At face value, the logo is attractive and unique–but it’s not a good NFL logo.  One of the commenters on Chris Creamer’s site said that it looks like a Sea World logo.  So if the Dolphins have a new logo that’s just a minor variation on the old theme–cool.  If they use this new concept–ugh.  I’ve been thinking about the Dolphins lately and how that franchise has taken a bottle nosedive into the turf over the last five years.  Many pundits are quick to blame GM Jeff Ireland–and for good reason–but this logo debacle could make it clear that real culprit is the man who hired Ireland.  Has Stephen Ross been the invisible hand that has turned a once proud franchise into canned tuna?


Stephen Ross: the man responsible for the collapse of the ‘Phins?


2.) It was also just announced that the NHL’s Dallas Stars are looking to rebrand their image.  In the foreseeable future, the Stars will have new uniforms and a new logo.  Early rumors had the team colors switching to red, white, and blue, but now it seems as if the Stars will be retaining the color green.  I have so many different things to say about this.  First of all, I don’t think I’m alone in suggesting that the North Stars should never have left Minnesota.  Any team history died that day twenty years ago when the NHL entered Texas.  At face value, ‘Stars’ is an appropriate name for any team in the Lone Star State, but the colors should be red, white, and blue and the logo should be a star badge similar to the Texas Rangers’ alternate logo.  That being said, at least the Stars are changing their current look, which screams 1992, and their Texas logo looks hideous.  There is more to this than meets the eye, however.  Though the Dallas Stars won a Stanley Cup in the late nineties and have had a handful of hall-of-famers on the team, it seems that this rebrand is a reactive measure.  Despite the fact that Dallas is a top-notch sports market, attendance at Stars games has been dwindling over the last few years to a point where the team ranked 28th of 30 in average fans per game in the 2011-2012 season.  Only the Islanders and Coyotes are ranked lower, and both have announced either relocation or rebranding in the last few months.  This rebranding will be a last-ditch effort to keep the team in Texas, but in Sport Change’s opinion, there never should have been a Dallas Stars.  It will interesting to see how this affects the upcoming Ideal NHL project.


One thing is for sure: it will be good to see this logo go the way of the dodo.


3.) Bigger changes could be coming to the NHL, as rumors are swirling that the NHL could expand by two teams as soon as next year.  Some say that the two teams will be Canadian, and that would be terrific in Sport Change’s mind.  It’s such a shame that Canadian teams left for the Southern United States in the nineties, and much of that had to do with the economics of the Canadian dollar at the time.  Now, it’s obvious that several cities would be good options for NHL expansion or relocation.  If Sport Change had to pick the top two markets most ready for the NHL, Sport Change would choose Quebec City and Seattle.  After that: Hamilton, Ontario; Kansas City, Missouri; and Saskatchewan would all be good choices.  Look for our upcoming Ideal NHL.


Here’s a model of the new arena currently under construction in Quebec City. Odds are good that an NHL franchise will call it home within a few years.


That’s it for this news flash.  Keep checking back for more great Sport Change posts.



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