Rebranding the Redskins? Relocating the Kings? Time for another news-flash!

It hasn’t been long since Sport Change’s last pause for news, but there a few juicy tidbits that cannot wait until the next newsflash.




1.)  It was just announced that Washington D.C. mayor Vincent Gray implied that he would sit down with the Washington Redskins front office to persuade the team to change their offensive nickname prior to moving back to the city proper.  As the team is counting on public support for a new downtown D.C. stadium, they may have extra incentive to change the name.  It’s uncommon for public officials to make that sort of statement about a sports team’s inner workings, so this may be a sign of change to come.  What’s Sport Change’s take?  Change the gosh darn name already!!!  It’s considered to be the most offensive nickname in all of sports by Native Americans from coast to coast.  I’m all for preserving history, but sometimes the need for change is blatantly obvious.  The team should’ve had a new name twenty years ago when they first began to feel the pressure to change.  For years, I’ve thought that Washington Warriors would be a terrific way to retain vestiges of team history, while toning down the disrespect.  The alliteration would be terrific as well.  Washington Wolves would be a great name.  Washington Stallions would work.  Washington Grays would be a nice tip of the hat to the old Homestead Grays, and you can bet that Mayor Gray would be on board with that name.



2.) In other news, Seattle investor Chris Hansen has contacted the Maloof family about purchasing the Sacramento Kings.  This isn’t exactly shocking news, as rumors of the Kings moving to Seattle have buzzed around for the last year or two.  Hansen is in the process of getting an arena built in Seattle that could house both an NBA and NHL team.  If the city got an NBA franchise, they would play in old Key Arena until the new arena is completed.  What’s the Sport Change take?  Yes, make it happen.  As sad as it is to see any city lose a franchise, the Kings are ready to go.  Sacramento is a second tier sports city that is lucky to have held on to an NBA franchise this long.  As of this writing, they are ranked dead last in attendance among all NBA teams this year, and have been at or near the bottom for several years.  Sacramento is the type of city that should have one of the best Minor League Baseball teams, but no MLB team.  Perhaps they will become the model market for the NBA D-League.  Seattle, on the other hand, is a top tier sports city that deserves a team after OKC ripped the Sonics out the fans’ hands.  If you haven’t seen Sonicsgate, take the time to do so.  It will be great to see the Seattle Supersonics reborn in the near future.  Sport Change’s ideal situation, incidentally, would have the Kings moving back to Kansas City and another team (say, the Magic) move to Seattle.  Or the NBA should roll out two more expansion teams.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming Sport Change Ideal NBA.



3.) One last bit of news isn’t really news at all.  It’s a reminder to take the time to vote in the Sport Change Team Nickname Mega-poll.  The mega-poll was just published in two installments.  Click here for Part 1 (NFL & MLB) and here for Part 2 (NBA & NHL.)  Your vote may be considered as Sport Change embarks on the Ideal League series.  Rock the vote!  Vote or die!  De-vote yourself to democratic action!


That’s all that’s worth saying for now.  More great Sport Change posts coming up real soon.  Till next time.


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  1. I hate the fact that Seattle ultimately lost the chance to get the Kings, but i’m not really surprised.

    David Stern has pretty much made it clear(at least in his body language and in news conferences and such) that he has it in for Seattle.

    Sure, he doesn’t go and say I hate Seattle out in the open or anything like that, but with stuff like saying on camera that Key Arena is the greatest thing since sliced bread(a video clip which you can probably find online) and then a decade later saying um, you guys need to build a new expensive palace of an arena to keep the Sonics, and then all the stuff with Clay Bennett and the Kings and using Seattle like the NFL does with LA, and the most recent item, saying he has to get to a playoff game in Oklahoma City… to start a freaking press conference which determined the fate of the NBA in Seattle for the near future, just gives the impression that David Stern despises Seattle and the Sonics fans with a passion.

    I only hope(and Seattle fans should as well) that Adam Silver, the NBA’s new commish likes Seattle better then Stern does; whether that be by awarding the city an expansion team in a few years, or by moving a current team to Seattle, I don’t know.

    But one thing’s for sure, Seattle can’t go through anymore disappointment with the Sonics… or can it?

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