New Logo for the Jaguars

It’s Football February here on Sport Change, so let’s all take a look at the brand new logo for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Gettin’ jaggy wit’ it.


Yep, there it is.  The Jacksonville Jaguars football club just announced that they will have this as their new logo starting in the 2013 season.  There has been plenty of commentary from Shad Khan over the last year about rebranding, and this logo appears to be the first manifestation of that…or should I mustachiofestation.  (Shad Khan jokes never get old.)





Khan has stated his wish to make black the primary color of the Jags, and I assumed this would translate to taking a minimalist approach and potentially even completely dropping the nineties era teal.  Alas, no.  Though the logo is sharper and clearer, it’s essentially the same thing–a jaguar head with a teal tongue faced to the right.  For comparison, here’s the Jaguars “old” logo:





I’ve always appreciated this old logo.  Sure, it’s a cruder rendering of a jaguar, but it has an simple, artistic feel to it.  I liked how the tongue was the only bit of blue–as if the cat had just downed a blue-raspberry slushie.  The new logo, however, added teal to the nose and eyes.  This was to make it look more like a realistic jaguar, of course.  What a strange choice.  Incidentally, the new logo looks quite a bit like IUPUI (NCAA D-I) Jaguars’ logo:





It’s interesting that the Jaguars slight logo change follows on the heels of the Carolina Panther’s recent slight logo change.  We all remember how both cats entered the NFL fray in the nineties–two new teams from the South who were both represented by large wild cats and variations on the color teal blue.  Two cats linked in destiny; yoked together in the annals of NFL history.  Go figure.





This cat is signing off for now.  Till next time.



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